By using state-of-the-art display technology and IT application, ADV delivers turn-key solutions for the intelligent information display system in TRANSPORTATION, COMMERCIAL and GOVERNMENT sectors.
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T8 LED Tube

UL CE T8 LED Tube for Fluorescent Tube Direct Replacement


LED Ceiling Light

Cool White / Warm White / 60 x 60 cm LED Ceiling Light




At station

Tri-color LED Display   Plasma Passenger Information Display

On train & Bus

Outdoor Ultra-bright LED Destination Display In-cab Flashing System Map Sydney City Rail
Interior Display on Class 317 British Rail  

Front Display on Class 317 British Rail

Irish Rail
Bangkok Skytrain

High Speed Rail KCR
Hong Kong

Lite-dot Destination Display LCD advertising pane Singapore SMRT
Bus LED Lighting Oxford Tube LED Bus Tail Light
Bus Interior Light (Blue) Bus Interior Light (White)  

At bus stop

Ultra-bright Cyber Bus Stop LED Information Display

Ultra-bright Walkway
Counter-down Display
Variable Message Sign
LED traffic light


Live Information System with GPRS

Outdoor LED Display with GPRS Modem for UK


Ticketing counter

Macau Tower   Tri-color LED Information Moving Sign

Full Color LED Advertising Video Wall

Large Screen Full Color LED Board   Plasma display for exhibition
Video Wall  

Full Color LED Advertising





LED Lighting

Outdoor Full Color LED See Through Curtain
Outdoor Full Color LED See Through Curtain




Full color Scoreboard system