ADV has successfully completed several large-scale projects in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. We delivered our professional service, reliable and cutting edge display technology to our client and gained excellent reputation in this industry. Here are our proven track records to demonstrate our capability in terms of project management, design, installation & maintenance.

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Nice Airport VMS Sign
Electronic Message Center ( EMC LED Board ) in USA
Mesh LED Ball at Warrington UK
Shenzhen Western Corridor - KTMS System
Hong Kong International Airport - Platform Screen Door LED Display
Live Information System with GPRS
The Lodge Casino, USA
Bear Stadium Texas
Waitakere City West Wave Aquatic Center,Auckland New Zealand
Full Color display
Macau STDM Casino
London Full Color LED Display
Full Color Board - Mobile Type
LED Lighting
LED Interior Lighting for Train & Bus
Singapore SMRT Bus GDS
On-Board Multimedia LCD Display System
Maintenance of MTRC Passenger Information Display System Phase 2
(Contract M910-98E)
Maintenance of MTRC LAR ECS Control System (Contract M923-00E)
MTRC Urban Line - Passenger Information Display System (Contract C3707-94E)
MTRC Urban Line - Passenger Information Display System Phase 2
(Contract C3707.02-97E)
Singapore MRT North East Line - Passenger Information Display System
(Contract C760)
MTRC TKO Extension - Passenger Information Display System (Contract 662C)
KCRC West Rail - Passenger Information System (Contract DB-1500)
KCRC East Rail Extensions – Passenger Information System (Contract DB-1552)
Lite dot (Flip-dot LED) Destination Display System

MTR EMU Refurbishment – Passenger Information System (Contract C4338 – 96E)

Destination Display Subsystem (Contract DB-2040)
Lite-dot (Flip-dot LED) destination display system for KCRC LRV Ph.3

On-board Passenger Information Display System for KCRC LRV Ph.1&2
(Contract LD/053/95)

Island-Wide Supply And Retrofitting of LED Traffic Signals for Singapore
(Contract 3538)